Insights for Your Team

Build team spirit and diagnose problems with Dr. Dave’s proprietary Insights Suite™

Dr Dave Miles

Build Team Spirit and Diagnose Problems with an Interactive Team Game

Does your group resist your efforts at team building? Do they have work issues they won’t or don’t discuss? 


With WORKGROUP INSIGHTS, your team will get Dr. Dave’s fun, interactive team assessment tool disguised as a game. It’s completely non-threatening, breaking down barriers and getting team members to laugh and talk freely. They’ll reveal issues and feelings they would never share with their boss.

After WORKGROUP INSIGHTS, you’ll get Dr. Dave’s multiple-page qualitative analysis of the game, including questions, answers, and recurring themes. With new insight and team spirit, you and your group will solve problems, implement new ideas, and successfully execute old ones.

Resolve Conflicts and Improve Performance in Leadership Teams

Is your leadership team frustrated with their roles and with each other? Do they have trouble with conflicts, cliques, or poor job fit?


With LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS, you’ll get Dr. Dave’s in-depth assessment and lively analysis of your team’s traits, behaviors, and driving forces. You and your team will learn how each member best functions and communicates.

After LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS, new skills and awareness will empower you and your team. You’ll lead more effectively, tailoring each employee’s role to reach their full potential. Team members will know themselves and their peers authentically. As understanding replaces frustration, your team will see enhanced creativity, teamwork, and performance.

Ready to build a productive and highly engaged organization?

Here’s how it works.

Step #1

Call Dr. Dave to discuss your unique team challenges and goals.

Step #2

Partner with Dr. Dave to diagnose the issues and design a customized plan for your team.

Step #3

Dr. Dave will guide your organization as the plan is executed step-by-step.