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Drive profit and growth by Unifying, Aligning, and Optimizing your Leadership Team.

Would it be crazy to think you could transform your people into a harmonious, high-performing senior leadership team?

Dr. Dave and his team help you improve communication, enhance collaboration, and increase team productivity by creating “AMAZING” leadership teams.

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Did you know???

Disengaged employees are up to 92% when leadership is not aligned

When senior leaders are NOT working well together, the level of disengagement (actively disengaged and not engaged) can be as high as 92%.

78% engaged employees when team leadership is aligned

When senior leaders are aligned & working well together, employee engagement was shown to be as high as 72% (highly engaged & engaged).

Source: Willis Tower Watson  |  *Forbes & Gallup

Gallup says the cost of disengaged employees is 34% of their annual salary or $3,400 for every $10,000 they make*.

There is no greater source of leverage to impact engagement and productivity in your organization than your senior leadership team.

What are the challenges that misaligned senior leadership leads to?

Create Friction & Missed Opportunities

Friction is felt downstream affecting performance and engagement which can lead to costly missed opportunities.

Stifle Growth

Are your department heads looking to hit budget and meet their KPIs to get their bonus, or working across silos to grow overall revenue?

Drive Off Talent

Watching valuable team members and leaders leave while bearing the brunt of recruitment costs with lost productivity is not just frustrating; it’s expensive.

Has your organization had any of these challenges?

We’ve been there and understand.  Let’s help you cut the tremendous “cost of chaos.”

Allow us to dive deep into your challenges, partnering with you to provide actionable insights.

Ready to take the next step?

Create an “AMAZING” Leadership Team

Are your teams Aligned, with proper Motivation, that are Adaptable, with enthusiastic Zeal, and truly Inclusive, who Nurture growth and are Goal-oriented?

Create an “AMAZING” senior leadership team to accelerate decision making, enhance employee engagement, and optimize team performance.

We partner with you to customize and sustain a deep alignment of your senior leadership team, driving a ripple effect of success throughout your organization.

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Nail Your Next Executive Hire

Can you afford to re-do a critical leadership hire?

Candidate Insights™ empowers you to precisely select your next top-tier senior leadership or executive talent.

Hire for the behaviors, motivators, and people-skill competencies actually needed for the position (if the position could speak for itself).

By adding these ideal members, you’re not just filling positions but crafting an “AMAZING” future-ready leadership team that fits seamlessly in the Leadership Insights™ process.

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Ready to build a productive and highly engaged organization?

Building an “AMAZING” Senior Leadership Team is where it all starts.

Step #1

Call Dr. Dave

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Step #2

Walk through the process

Meet to discuss your unique challenges, define your desired outcome, and outline the unique, custom process we utilize to make that happen.

Step #3

Implement & Execute

Obtain the diagnostics needed, collaboratively design the customized plan to meet your outcomes, then execute and impliment step-by-step.

What makes a leadership team “AMAZING”?


An “AMAZING” team is one that is Aligned, with proper Motivation, that is Adaptable, with enthusiastic Zeal, that is truly Inclusive, Nurtures growth, and is Goal-oriented.

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Dr. Dave is a leadership expert, professional speaker, & HR/OD consultant who helps business leaders identify and solve the high “cost of chaos” & the other costly problems of poor employee engagement and high turnover.

Facing Challenges with Your Team’s Dynamics? You’re Not Alone.

  • Navigating Organizational Hurdles: Ever felt like invisible barriers are holding your team back from their true potential? You might be onto something.
  • Overcoming Communication Friction: If miscommunications or misunderstandings are causing delays and tension, you’re not alone. Many leaders share this concern.
  • Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Challenges: We’re not about one-size-fits-all. Together, we’ll craft a plan tailored to your team’s unique dynamics to set you on the path to success.

As a result of our personalized “Insights” programs, say goodbye to isolated teams and hello to seamless collaboration.

Ready to transform your team dynamics and make your company’s vision a living reality? Let’s collaborate.